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5th World Bodybuilding And Physique Championships Results

Vote for greatest natural male and female bodybuilder in 2013 poll! Thailand's Sawaeng Panapoi won the men's bodybuilding 80kg (176 lbs.) category, and fellow Thai Roontawan Jindasing took home the gold for the women's fitness physique in the 165cm (5' 4") class. This pushed up the total Thai wins to five. Hungarian Jennifer Toth won the women's junior gold, and Dorottya Nemeth won the over 165cm gold went to capture the fourth top slot by Hungarian women. Ali Sorour Poor of Iran won the 170cm (5'6") division, and Aghil Moradi won in the 180cm (5'10") workouts category. India, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Ukraine each earned one gold. Women's model physique at 160cm was won by Daniya Tleumbetova of Kazakhstan, and sites women's model physique at 165cm was won by Lee Huang Mi of South Korea. China's Sun Ruifen took second place. Sun also placed third in the 165cm women's fitness physique category.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/5th-world-bodybuilding-and-physique-sports-championships-results

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